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Become a standout beauty educator with our comprehensive training and certification course. Perfect your presentation skills, master lesson planning, and improve behavior management. This program equips you with the tools you need to excel as a Barber, Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, or Esthetician Instructor. Take the first step towards a successful future and invest in your journey as an in-demand educator with our program today!
  • Unlock your full potential as a star beauty educator
  • Discover the secrets to creating a positive learning environment
  • Develop effective curriculum and lesson plans with ease
  • Assess student progress with confidence
  • Step into the spotlight with professional training
  • Engage your students and enhance their learning experience
  • Present, teach, and learn with confidence
  • Transform your career with comprehensive beauty industry training
  • Maximize your potential and become a top-performing educator
  • Invest in your future and enroll in our course today.



"Coming from a school that did not teach much about the practical, I knew I had to take some kind of training to prepare me for it or else I would fail. Barber Builders' hands on class was really close to being exactly how the practical exam goes down. This made me confident during the practical, before the exam was over I knew I had passed."


"I came to Jason after time off also forgetting everything that goes into the practical exam I was beyond nervous but taking his course I felt confident!"


"Barber Builders is the real deal. Their academy moves with industry standards and protocols. This is a collection of the most in-depth, step-by-step instructional video courses available in Texas. Everything you need to know — nothing more, nothing less."

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Jason West

My vision is to create systems and opportunities that facilitate learning for those pursuing success in the beauty industry.

Master Educator

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Charles Howard is a licensed barber in Texas with over 20 years of experience. His instructor license was obtained in 2011, and he became a licensed cosmetologist and instructor in 2021. Since becoming an instructor, he has been coaching and instructing students to be better communicators and motivating them to achieve goals and success.