This online version is a course that mirrors the exact hands on training from Barber Builders which has helped numerous exam candidates pass their state Barber exam. Covering in detail every section on the exam, this course will undoubtedly equip you with the knowledge and insight needed to get that passing exam score you need to acquire your Barbers license in the state of Texas!

Hi, I’m Jason West

I live in the state of Texas. I moved here with my Mom in 1988 at the young age of 14. Three and a half years later I was encouraged by my Uncle who was a Barber to enroll in Barber school and enter the Barber industry. So I did just that and I found that I actually liked it. Today I am a licensed Barber, Barber shop owner, licensed Barber instructor, licensed Cosmetologist,and licensed Cosmetology instructor. When I decided to create Barber Builders Training Academy one year ago I initially set out to offer personal skills training to individuals in areas where they saw themselves deficient. However, I found myself competing against the popular YouTube and other social media personalities to teach the usual fading and cutting classes. Although I had the skills, the power of a popular social media following continued to win. So I decided to dig deep into my intellectual property and grab something that will arm me with the tools I need to do what most entrepreneurs do that counts for the majority of their success which is solve a problem. I found something the other guys were not teaching. something very important to Barbers-How to past the state Barber exam. Since then my hands on class has helped 100% of trainees pass their exam. That same system is now available to everyone online.

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